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Project Approach

The starting point for the development of strategies in start2 is the identification of agricultural production areas and farm types that are of particular relevance for the use of hormonally active agrochemicals. The selection will be made on the basis of an analysis of current studies in which the approved active substances in agrochemicals are classified as (possibly) having hormonal effects. Starting from the agricultural practices of the use of these substances risk appraisals in relation to food and drinking water supplies, agricultural ecosystems (e.g. wildlife populations), aquatic ecosystems (especially rivers) and human health are conducted. For this purpose the scientific literature on the occurrence and distribution of substances in soil, water and foodstuffs will be assessed.

On this basis, a catalogue of handling options will be identified for each of the three areas of action “Developing Active Agents”, “Handling Agrochemicals” and “Technical Emissions Management“. Each of these options will then be evaluated for their contribution towards a precautionary risk mitigation. In a final step, the handling options that have been classified as effective will be integrated into an overall strategy.

Of special significance for the development of strategies in start2 is their relevance to practice. This will be assured, on the one hand, by consulting farmers about their experiences with the operational handling of agrochemicals and the current statutory regulations. On the other, an expert dialogue will be initiated between representatives of the agricultural practice, consultancy and administration, the chemicals industry, water management bodies and environmental and consumer associations. The results of these discussions will flow into all phases of the project.

The substances that start2 will focus on are plant protection products. An exemplary investigation of veterinary pharmaceuticals will be conducted on substances for the treatment of parasites. The investigation of individual substances for possible hormonal effects is explicitly excluded from the project.



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