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Project Objective

The aim of the start2 research project is to develop practice-relevant suggestions for systemic and cooperative strategies for dealing with hormonally active agrochemicals. The word “systemic” has two meanings here. Firstly, the strategies should give special consideration to the conditions under which agrochemicals are used in different farm types and agricultural production areas. This should assure that individual measures of a strategy can actually be implemented by the various actors, for example by farmers.

Secondly, the use of hormonally active agrochemicals has different levels of impact in the various areas of application and systems. If these differences are taken into consideration, it is possible to develop more targeted and effective strategies. In start2, special consideration will be given to the food and drinking water supplies, agricultural ecosystems (for example wildlife populations), aquatic ecosystems (especially rivers) and human health within the context of a systemic risk appraisal. 

Cooperative strategies rely on the assumption of shared responsibility in coping with social challenges such as the handling of hormonally active agrochemicals. Prerequisite for the success of such and approach is that each of the societal groups involved is provided with effective options for action. The systemic determination of such options takes place in start2 with an approach that is oriented on the lifecycle of an agrochemical:


This approach has been successfully tried and tested in the context of the preceding project start, which was concerned with developing strategies for the management of pharmaceutical residues in drinking water.



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